Bikini is one of the fastest growing swimwear types in the world and has a strong digital presence. We have always offered various types of micro bikinis designed to make you feel confident, sexy and beautiful.

Tinyvv was founded by two friends who wanted to change the way women think about their bodies through fashion. They want all women to feel confident, sexy and beautiful in their skin, so micro bikinis have always been about reflecting your personality.

Bikinis are often seen as a symbol of women's freedom and empowerment. But the truth is, the bikini was created by Louis Réard in 1946 to free women from the corsets of the day. Since then, the bikini has been a symbol of female liberation. The bikini's history isn't just about its creation, it's about how it's been accepted and adapted to various cultures and occasions. It became a fashion trend that is still popular today.

Tinyvv's mission is to empower women to fully embrace and appreciate themselves physically, mentally, emotionally in micro bikinis. Our goal is to make women feel good about themselves when looking in the mirror, so that every woman looks confident and beautiful.

Let every woman show her confident and beautiful side.